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  • Is it safe & secure to give my personal information to you?
  • Yes, it's absolutely secure, We use your personal information to fulfill your order, and not for any other purpose.

  • How can I place my order?
  • First you have to create an account by login Afterwards, you can order any product from our online store.

  • Can I buy Saree with unstitched blouse?
  • Yes, you can buy unstitched blouse by not selecting blouse stitching option under Custom Tailoring Options. You can however select other Custom Tailoring Options if you wish to.

  • Is the shipping charge is free worldwide?
  • No shipping is free in India only.

  • Can you deliver to any country in the worldwide?
  • Yes, We deliver our product all most all countries in the world.

  • What is the procedure to return If I dont like a product?
  • Please inform us within 24 hours of receiving the product and retunr it within 7 days.

  • Can I return custom stitched products?
  • Sorry, we cannot take returned or exchanged custom stitched products.Returns would not be accepted for custom made / stitched clothing, including for sarees where the blouse is stitched, readymade stitched sarees or sarees stitched with custom blouse.

  • Will I get a full refund if I return the product?
  • For International order we deduct 10% as processing changes plus actual shipping charges and refund balance amount.We will not refund the customs duties or taxes, if applicable, or paid by you at time of receiving the goods.

  • How do I know that you have received my payments?
  • You would receive an email confirmation that we have received your payments along with a 4 digit order number.

  • Can I transferred money through Western Union?
  • Yes you can transferred money through western union for it you have to first email us.

  • My card is declined, What should I do?
  • Please recheck if you have given your card details correct. If so, please contact your banks and explain them that you are trying to purchase from an online store. Your banks might block your cards for security issues.

  • Can I pay using bank transfer? Where do I get details of your bank account?
  • Yes, you can pay through bank transfer.

  • What is billing and shipping address?
  • The address where you receive your card statements is called billing address and where you would like to deliver the goods is called the shipping address

  • What does the option 'Cash on Delivery' actually mean?
  • It means that the customers have the option to pay at the time when the product is handed over to them. This alternative adds an extra factor of convenience to the overall shg process.This option of delivery is for India only.